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Get Extra Savings + Free Shipping, Visit Coupon Page, Valid Through 7/22


XL & Queen Bunk Beds

XL & Queen Bunk Beds

At Just Bunk Beds, we offer a comprehensive selection of XL bunk beds and queen bunk beds designed to cater to various customer needs and living situations. Our extra long bunk beds not only provide additional sleeping space but ensure every user, regardless of height or room size, can experience the comfort of a full night's rest without compromise.

Varying Specifications of Extra Long Bunk Beds & Queen Bunk Beds

Our extra long and queen bunk beds are designed with an emphasis on spaciousness and comfort, specifically tailored for individuals between 6’2” and 6’5” in height. These beds provide ample legroom to accommodate their stature, ensuring a restful sleep without the inconvenience of constrained space. Engineered to support a weight capacity from 400 to 2,400 pounds, our durable beds offer not only extended length but also enduring strength and stability.

Twin XL Bunk Beds

Our twin XL bunk beds are designed with space efficiency in mind, providing a durable and reliable answer to the challenges of limited living spaces. Constructed from quality solid wood or sturdy metal, these beds offer a practical solution for shared bedrooms, dormitories, and areas where multifunctionality is key. The additional 5 inches in length over standard beds accommodate an extra-long mattress, ensuring adequate space for taller individuals to rest comfortably.

Full XL Bunk Beds

Our selection of full XL bunk beds is crafted to accommodate adults seeking extra room to stretch out. They are particularly fitting for shared living spaces, guest rooms, or multi-bedroom accommodations, where maximizing space is essential. These beds offer the dual benefits of a compact footprint and an expansive sleeping area, ensuring that the comfort of every occupant is catered to with a mindful approach to design.

Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Beds

Our twin XL over queen bunk beds blend flexibility with comfort, accommodating families with varying sleeping space needs. These configurations serve not only as a practical piece of furniture for vacation homes and beach houses but also as an aesthetically pleasing addition that can host entire families.

Full XL Over Queen Bunk Beds

Our full XL over queen bunk beds represent a strategic choice for adult accommodation, delivering on the promise of space. These dimensions provide space-efficient sleeping solutions, making them suitable for apartments, houses, and even upscale hostels. 

Their construction is fortified to support adult weights comfortably, ensuring longevity and stability. This bed configuration serves the functional needs of adults while offering a versatile and pragmatic approach to bedroom space management.

Queen Bunk Beds 

Our queen bunk beds are engineered to accommodate the spatial demands of adult living spaces in homes, cabins, vacation homes, Airbnbs and VRBO. These pieces are tailored to integrate seamlessly into diverse environments, from bustling vacation rentals to serene private residences. Each bed is constructed with a focus on durability, ensuring they meet the high standards required for both sustainability and everyday use.

 Custom Features of Extra Long Bunk Beds for Adults

At Just Bunk Beds, we understand that personalizing your sleeping space is not just a matter of style but also functionality. Our collection of extra long bunk beds for adults is meticulously designed to offer custom features that cater to each customer’s unique needs.

  • Under-Bed Trundles: For the extra long bunk beds adults love, we offer trundles that provide a hidden bed space, ideal for visiting guests. The trundle tucks away neatly under the bunk bed, ensuring that functionality and style go hand in hand.
  • Storage Drawers: Enhance the utility of your XL bunk beds with built-in storage drawers. These are perfect for organizing belongings and keeping the room clutter-free, allowing for a more spacious and welcoming environment.
  • Ladder Access: Prioritizing safety and convenience, select models of our extra long bunk beds come equipped with a side-mounted vertical ladder. This design choice facilitates effortless access to the top bunk while maintaining the streamlined look of the living area.
  • Staircase Integration: Certain XL bunk beds for adults in our range offer the option of an integrated staircase. Not only does this provide a secure way to reach the upper sleeping area, but it also cleverly incorporates extra storage, with built-in drawers in each step.
  • Safety Rails: Every bunk bed design incorporates safety rails that can be customized in height and style, ensuring a secure sleeping experience without compromising the sleek look of the bed.

In keeping with our commitment to versatility and style, we offer Coastal style extra long bunk beds that bring a touch of elegance and serenity to any room. These beds are perfect for those who appreciate a maritime aesthetic and can be finished in various colors such as white, espresso, or navy blue — allowing you to personalize your space to your taste.

 Discover The Best XL Bunk Beds for Adults

At Just Bunk Beds, our XL bunk beds adults stand out for their impeccable craftsmanship and use of superior materials. All our XL bunk beds are constructed with attention to detail, from the selection of eco-friendly materials to the assurance of durability, backed by comprehensive warranties.