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Bunk Bed Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

Posted by UPW on

Bunk beds are a beloved bedroom fixture for a reason — they're fun, space-saving, and versatile. Whether you're furnishing a cramped city apartment, decking out a child's room, or setting up a vacation rental, choosing the right bunk bed is paramount. Their continued popularity over the years is a testament to their adaptability and functionality in diverse settings. 

How to Choose a Bunk Bed Size

Choosing the correct size for a bunk bed is integral to ensuring that your room remains functional without compromising safety or aesthetics. As bunk beds come in various configurations and sizes, you must select one that aligns with your requirements. Here's a comprehensive size chart for bunk beds:

Room Measurements: The Foundation of Your Decision

Begin with an exact measurement of your room, encompassing width, length, and ceiling height. These dimensions shape your bunk bed choices. Compact rooms might necessitate options like the twin over twin, while expansive spaces could entertain larger configurations. 

Ceiling height plays an indispensable role, with standard 8-foot ceilings accommodating most bunk beds. However, for 7-foot ceilings, low bunk options such as our esteemed Pine River or Pine Hill Collections are recommended, ensuring the upper bunk remains at a safe distance from the ceiling.

Placement: A Marriage of Beauty and Function

The placement of a bunk bed extends beyond aesthetics; it's closely tied to safety. For optimal security, distance the bed from windows and position it proximate to power outlets, minimizing the peril of overextended cords. For medium-sized chambers that aspire for a blend of classical charm and modern elegance, the Austin Bead Board Twin Bunk Bed emerges as a sterling choice, offering adjustable rails for impeccable room integration.

Safety Considerations: Ensuring Uncompromised Security

Selecting a bunk bed transcends its physical appeal; it demands a critical assessment of its safety attributes. Ladders, particularly vertical ones, save space, offer easy detachment, and don't hinder underbed or trundle functions. Conversely, staircases, although space-intensive, pledge heightened safety and ease of access. 

These stairs may also house additional storage drawers, possibly obviating the need for supplementary dressers in constrained areas. For homeowners luxuriating in spacious rooms, our Dillon Quadruple Queen Bunk Bed With Stairs in the Middle stands unparalleled.

Features like ladder sturdiness, guardrail height, and strict observance of weight limits are non-negotiable. For those who covet a marriage of modern design with sturdy craftsmanship, the Industrial Style Metal Full Bunk Bed proves impeccable. Its fusion of metal and wood is tailored for older children and adolescents, marrying panache with protection.

Adults Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Bunk beds are no longer restricted to children's bedrooms. They've found their place in various adult settings, from vacation homes and college dorms to transitional living spaces, all thanks to their practical space-saving design.

Room Size

The room's dimensions are pivotal in determining the most suitable bunk bed. For medium to large-sized rooms, the Dillon High Twin Queen Bunk Bed W/ Straight Ladder stands out. 

With a height of 70", this twin XL over Queen bunk bed not only offers a comfortable sleeping arrangement but also comes with a side-mounted ladder for ease of access, making it especially suitable for older users. Plus, its versatile design means it's perfect for sleepovers or guest accommodations in vacation homes.


It's important to look for a bed that balances aesthetics with functionality. For instance, the Lodge XL Full Over Queen Barnwood Bunk Bed from the Barnwood Collection delivers a rustic ambiance with its rough-sawn pine that evokes the charm of vintage barnwood. 

While being a visual centerpiece, it's designed with practicality in mind. The full over queen size configuration provides ample sleeping space. Additionally, the bed is equipped with features such as built-in ladders and safety standards, making it an excellent choice for settings like cabins or vacation homes.

Weight Capacity

A bunk bed’s sturdiness is crucial when purchasing for adults. Many adult-oriented bunk beds at Just Bunk Beds offer a commendable total weight capacity ranging from 600 to 1,200 lbs. This robust weight capacity makes them an ideal choice for various adult settings, from colleges and dormitories to shelters.

When seeking bunk beds for adults, it’s imperative to prioritize room size, features, and weight capacity. These considerations ensure comfort and guarantee longevity. With brands like Just Bunk Beds offering a range of options tailored for adult use, finding the right fit becomes a seamless process.

Kids Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect bunk bed for your child isn't just about design or space-saving abilities; it's a combination of factors that cater to the child's needs and the room's functionality.

Size and Material

If your rooms are more on the compact side, twin wood bunk beds are your go-to solution. The Gary XL Extra Long Twin Bunk Bed is a remarkable choice for those looking for a more elongated bed.

Built from superior birch wood, its mission design not only suits tall individuals but also provides a classic touch to any room. The frame and finish are crucial to a bed's durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose metal or wooden frames, it's essential to select options that complement the room's décor.


An often overlooked but incredibly practical feature is storage. The extra drawers or compartments that come with some bunk beds can be a lifesaver. Take the Dillon Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs as a prime example. The inbuilt storage drawers and staircase cabinets optimize room utility, ensuring that blankets, toys, or books have their dedicated space.


A child's perspective of a bed differs significantly from an adult's. To them, it's not just a sleeping area; it's a space of imagination and wonder. Unique designs, therefore, are of paramount importance. If you're looking for something truly distinctive, the House Inspired Twin Bunk Bed offers more than just a sleeping space. 

With its playful house design, it seamlessly integrates fun with function, making sleep time an adventure. Additionally, the sturdy construction and safety features provide peace of mind, while the white finish with gunmetal gray accents complements a range of room aesthetics.


Practicality should never take a back seat. If your space is tight, consider multifunctional options. Bunk beds equipped with desks underneath can efficiently maximize a room's utility, serving as a bedroom, study, and storage space. Opt for beds with features like the option to separate into individual units, catering to your child's changing needs over time.

Maximizing Space with Underbed Trundles

Hidden beneath the lower bunk, underbed trundles present a valuable blend of convenience and space optimization. It is especially handy for homes that host frequent sleepovers or for those children who love inviting friends over. By effortlessly sliding out the trundle, an additional sleeping space becomes available, negating the need for another permanent bed.

Convertible Designs: Evolving with Your Child's Needs

As children grow, their preferences and space requirements can change. Convertible bunk beds address this transition with ease. Designed to adapt to evolving needs, these beds can be separated into two individual units, offering flexibility for changing room dynamics. 

This means that what starts as a bunk bed for siblings can later transition into separate beds as they grow older or desire their own spaces. Opting for convertible designs not only proves foresighted but also adds a layer of longevity to your furniture investment.

Make an Informed Choice with Just Bunk Beds

Selecting the right bunk bed isn't merely a purchase—it's an investment in comfort, safety, and long-lasting quality. Whether you're accommodating growing children, optimizing a vacation home, or providing restful sleep for adults, making an informed decision is paramount. 

Let's ensure you get not just any bunk bed — but the right bunk bed. The team at Just Bunk Beds is equipped with the expertise and the passion to assist you every step of the way. From understanding room dimensions to prioritizing safety and aesthetic needs, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today!