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Bookcase Captain’s Bed Ideas

Posted by S.H. on

Oh Arr, me hearties! Captain’s beds have come a long way since the swashbuckling-era that inspired them. Today, they’re loved the world over for their clever stow-away storage and ability to instantly add a guest bed (without needing for somewhere to store it afterwards).

These beds are no longer just for a Captain and his parrot, and the newest line up to this bed style adds something else that the modern homeowner always seems to be lacking (no matter how big their house). That thing is, of course, usable storage and shelf space.

Here we step into four very different bedrooms, to recommend the perfect Captain’s bed for each scenario (along with imaginative ideas as to what could and should be taking center stage on all those lovely new shelves).

For your miniature pirate/soon-to-be sailor of the seas

The Gavin Bead Captain Bed with Trundle and Storage

So your little one isn’t so little anymore. They’re growing up, fast. No longer are they interested in a ‘big boy bed’ or ‘princess pod’, they want something more sophisticated, while you – mom, dad – need storage space, durability and style. We’re right aren’t we?

If so, this Captain’s Bed with Storage sounds just the ticket, and can be upgraded to feature a trundle if you’re tweenager/teenager wants to offer a comfier sleep to their friends during stop-overs.

Available in: Navy blue, black, white, walnut, espresso and dark pecan.

Shelve it: Kiddies trophies, pics of family and friends, bedtime books and toys.

Gavin Extra Long Twin Bookcase Bed

Adult sleeping with swagger

The Dillon Queen Double Captain Bed with XL Trundle and Storage

Mom, dad, that’s the mini-adult sorted, now for you two. And who said you had to compromise style for storage? With this Captain’s Bed you can choose to have 4 drawers on one side, or have two drawers on both sides (the decision between the two is extra important where one side of the bed will sit flush against a wall).

If you’re after an easy, full bedroom make-over, why not add a matching dresser, 5-drawer chest, desk or night stand, for uniform style throughout made easy.

This Captain’s bed is also great for teen youth who want something a little roomier than a single bed – helloooo starfishing!

Available in: Black, navy blue, espresso white, and walnut.

Shelve it: Jewellery containers, books, glasses, tablets and tech.

For stylish sleeping with endless storage and guest bed options (and for extra looooong people)

The Dillon Queen Double Bookcase Captain Bed

At first glance, you could mistake this bed for its cousin bed above, yet there’s a lot more going on under the hood here. While you still get to choose between 4 drawers on the one side or two on each, this bed also allows you to add another single level draw to both sides (seriously, what bedroom doesn’t need more storage?!). Or you could alternatively add an XL twin trundle – for happier guest sleeping further up from the floor.

This is also an extra-long twin bookcase captain’s bed, and by extra-long, we mean 92"L x 60"D x 53"H (yup, that would make this bed suitable for those up to 7 foot!).

Available in: Black, navy blue, espresso white, and dark pecan.

Shelve it: The same adult stuff as above - jewellery containers, books, glasses, tablets and tech.

Dillon Queen Bookcase Captain's Bed

For the creative type who wants it all

Captain’s Beds with Trundle and storage

Full of charm, this Captain’s Bed will be perfectly placed in the bedroom with a rustic or Boho chic vibe (especially effective with white) or in an understated, modern setting (when featuring in black or dark pecan). Just as with all the other beds featured on this list, you don’t need to sacrifice storage for style, as this model also provides add-on storage and a trundle option. Unlike all the other beds on this list however, you don’t need to choose between either storage, or your trundle. With this Captain’s bed, you can have it all.

Available in: White, black, dark pecan and white finish.

Shelve it: Time to get creative, this bed not only features compartments of different sizes (ideal if you have plenty of photos in differing sizes); it also has a shelf running across the top of the entire width of the bed (perfect for your clock, a couple of books and your errant bedroom items).

Dillon Twin Bookcase Captain's Bed

From Bookcase Beds with 2 Drawers, to Captain Beds with Trundle and Storage, we’ve covered it all. Now you have space for your books, your bedding, and your best friend. All wrapped up in a single bed. If only every interior design challenge were so easy to solve!

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  • Captain’s Bed with Storage
  • Extra Long Twin Bookcase Captain’s Bed